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Accuplacer refers to a testing system used to evaluate a post-secondary student’s academic readiness to enroll in college-level courses. High school students also take accuplacer tests to judge their preparedness for such post-secondary education. In addition, these tests also help students realize areas that need to be worked on before taking their education further. In short, it is a type of assessment.

This test uses adaptive learning technology to test students in three major areas, i.e. reading, writing, and mathematics. It also enables academic advisors and school administrators to assess a student’s academic progress before moving towards high-school or post-secondary studies.

This test-taking experience is highly personalised using adaptive technology, to determine the difficulty level of the question, based on the previous answer’s outcome.

Based on these tests, students can gain better formative assessment to choose the right college course for themselves. The accuplacer test can help students save time as well as resources. There is no pass or fail criteria of judgment in accuplacer tests. In fact, colleges and universities have independent scoring standards to determine a student’s course of study.
For instance, your accuplacer scores may suggest to your academic advisor that you need to attend other prerequisite courses before enrolling into credit-bearing classes.

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology