Action Plan

Action Plan An action plan is a list of tasks that needs to be completed by you for a simple project or objective. It is a detailed plan outlining actions needed to reach one or more goals. An action plan can also be defined as… Read More »Action Plan

Accreditation Meaning

Accreditation Meaning The term Accreditation meaning refers to the recognition awarded to schools and colleges which maintain a respectable educational standard. Its goal is to ensure that every school meets acceptable quality levels. Accreditation is the acknowledgment of a school’s quality from an official body.… Read More »Accreditation Meaning

Assimilation Meaning

A lot of people ask for Assimilation meaning and hence assimilation meaning is one of the most searched questions on the internet. Assimilation is the art of completely understanding information and knowledge. Assimilation means combining or integrating the ideas, thoughts, or experiences of individuals. This… Read More »Assimilation Meaning

Assistant Principal

Assistant principals play a great role in the development of schools. The number of assistant principals increased from 44,000 to nearly 81,000. This increase in the number of assistant principals happened between 1990 and 2016. There have been many types of research about how an… Read More »Assistant Principal


The word discipline(अनुशासन) refers to teaching people to follow the rules. In other words, it is the action done according to a particular system of governance. It helps to regulate the behavior according to the environment and society to which they belong. The word discipline(अनुशासन) has… Read More »अनुशासन

Athithi Shikshak

A professor who is hired on a part-time, contractual basis, and does not have a proper working period or tenure is referred to as a guest teacher. They do not hold the responsibilities of a full-time professor but do teach like full-time professors. They can also be… Read More »Athithi Shikshak

Anganwadi Teacher Salary

An Anganwadi teacher is one who helps children develop reading,​ writing, and learning skills. Anganwadi teacher salary depends on the institution that they are a part of. Elementary school teachers play an important role in developing an educational path for students because they are the foundation… Read More »Anganwadi Teacher Salary


Every state in India organizes its State Eligibility Test for certifying their aspirants who wish to take up teaching as their profession for standard I-VIII. Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (APTET) is yet another SLET/SETs that qualify teachers to pursue teaching as per their qualifications… Read More »APTET