Articulate Meaning

Articulate meaning refers to the ability to effectively and clearly express thoughts, ideas, and emotions through language. It involves using words in a way that accurately conveys the intended message to the listener or reader, while also being coherent and concise. The importance of articulate… Read More »Articulate Meaning

Agile Meaning

Agile meaning can be described as a term associated with a flexible and iterative approach to project management and software development. It emphasizes collaboration, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. The Agile methodology was born out of the need to address the limitations of traditional project management… Read More »Agile Meaning

Authentic Meaning

Authentic meaning refers to the true or genuine essence of something, which is often hidden behind external appearances or superficialities. In today’s fast-paced and image-conscious world, where people often prioritize superficial qualities over deeper ones, the concept of authentic meaning has become increasingly important. It… Read More »Authentic Meaning


Anganwadi was started in the year 1975 with the intention to combat malnutrition among children. The term Anganwadi is derived from the Hindi language. The meaning of the word Anganwadi is “courtyard shelter”. It was initiated as a part of the Integrated Child Development Services… Read More »Anganwadi

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a quality that every student or scholar ought to have. It is the ethics and value that exists in an academic setup. In an educational setup, the learners have to adhere to certain rules and follow moral codes. These are a part… Read More »Academic Integrity

APA Full Form

APA Full Form APA Full Form is American Psychological Association. The APA Style offers rather detailed guidelines for writing academic papers. It is typically followed by the students or researchers belonging to the realm of  Social Sciences, including Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology, Economics, Criminology, etc. This… Read More »APA Full Form


AQAR Full Form – Annual Quality Assurance Report  The Annual Quality Assurance Report is an annual report that all accredited institutions should submit to NAAC every year according to the format prescribed online. All the HEIs accredited by NAAC must submit the  AQAR report to… Read More »AQAR

Academic Library

An academic library is one that is attached to a higher education institution (HEI) and it serves two complementary purposes Support the curriculum  Aid in research of the university faculty and students It is unclear as to how many academic libraries there are in total… Read More »Academic Library

Academic Bank of Credit

Academic Bank of Credit often abbreviated as ABC is a virtual or digital storehouse that contains all the information on the credits earned by the students throughout the course of their learning journey. It will help students open accounts and give them several options for… Read More »Academic Bank of Credit


ARIIA Full Form – Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements The Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements, often referred to by its more commonly used abbreviation ARIIA, is an initiative of the MoE or the Ministry of Education under the government of India… Read More »ARIIA