Adjunct Professor

A professor who is hired on a part-time, contractual basis, and does not have a proper working period or tenure is referred to as an adjunct professor. They do not hold the responsibilities of a full-time professor but do teach like full-time professors. They can also… Read More »Adjunct Professor

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is a form of teaching, keeping in mind the student’s individual needs, conducted with computer algorithms. It allows the teacher to give out customized learning resources to each catering to the needs in an exclusive way.  Adaptive Learning is also a form of… Read More »Adaptive Learning

Active Learning

Active learning is a process in which students actively participate and communicate in the learning process. It stands in contrast with the passive learning process, which simply involves taking in the information without being a part of the learning process. New-age technologies like virtual classrooms… Read More »Active Learning

Action Research

Action Research refers to identifying a problem, researching for a solution, and taking action to solve them. In a broader aspect, theory-driven research methods solve a practical problem in personal and organizational aspects. The research encompasses evaluation, investigation and analysis of a weakness occurring. The… Read More »Action Research

Acquisition Learning

Acquisition refers to the process of grasping information by the subconscious mind without the conscious mind being aware. Learning refers to the conscious process of obtaining knowledge. When used together, acquisition learning works in the case of native languages, which usually a child learns while… Read More »Acquisition Learning

Achievement Testing

The purpose of achievement testing is to measure the knowledge, skill, and accomplishment of a human being or a student in a particular field.  The process of conducting an achievement test is known as achievement testing. The reason for conducting achievement tests can be different… Read More »Achievement Testing

Achievement Test

An achievement test is designed to measure the skills, accomplishments, or knowledge in a field of study. It is conducted after proper training, counselling, planned instructions, and classroom management.  The most common example of achievement tests can be school tests. It is a small example… Read More »Achievement Test

Achievement Gap

The achievement gap refers to the difference in the educational qualification or academic performance among different groups of students. For example, a student group can be classified on the basis of income level, which can be higher or lower compared to the other group, resulting… Read More »Achievement Gap


Accuplacer refers to a testing system used to evaluate a post-secondary student’s academic readiness to enroll in college-level courses. High school students also take accuplacer tests to judge their preparedness for such post-secondary education. In addition, these tests also help students realize areas that need… Read More »Accuplacer


The term Accreditation refers to the recognition awarded to schools and colleges which maintain a respectable educational standard. Its goal is to ensure that every school meets acceptable quality levels. Accreditation is the acknowledgment of a school’s quality from an official body. The two kinds… Read More »Accreditation