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Action Research

Action Research refers to identifying a problem, researching for a solution, and taking action to solve them. In a broader aspect, theory-driven research methods solve a practical problem in personal and organizational aspects.

The research encompasses evaluation, investigation and analysis of a weakness occurring. The same research is then used to demonstrate the solutions, which can be used to improve defects.

Action research is also an interactive process of problem-solving that takes into consideration blended learning. It is undertaken usually by teachers as researchers of their practice systematically, to examine and work on the flaws. 

The steps involved in action research are used to identify a problem and collect data for the problem. The data is then organized, analyzed, and interpreted. Once this is done, a plan is devised to tackle the problem. The plan is then analyzed, and the results of the plan are also taken into consideration. when observed closely, it will look a lot like lesson planning.

If the evaluation of the results shows a new problem, then the process of action research is repeated with the new problem. The purpose of this research is to learn through the actions taken through practical decisions. It creates knowledge based on inquiries which leads to increased personal and professional development. 

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