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Accelerated Learning

What is  Accelerated Learning ?

Accelerated Learning permits students to control the method and speed in which they are being instructed as it is a multi-dimensional technique.

It requires immense collaboration for the learning process to speed up. This type of Learning also involves students immersing themselves entirely in their work to learn better. Literature students being asked to write their own stories or Filmmaking students making their own films can be considered as this type of learning

It results in students better understanding the fundamentals of their subject and niche associated with it. 

As a learning model, this learning got popularised due to trends like shorter degree programs, increased complexity, and constant rapid changes encountered by students in their personal and professional lives.

From influencing the way of instruction to the number of hours spent, and the number of students attending, this learning model challenges the notions of traditional academic structures. 
This type of learning technique can reduce traditional classroom time immensely. The time and resources saved can then be reinvested in the delivery and design of new material. Experts also believe that the Accelerated learning process is more enjoyable than the traditional mode. Learning how to learn is of utmost priority in today’s environment, and Accelerated Learning is a fresh change from the linear, mundane methodologies.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology