Arts Integration

Arts integration is the method that combines the performing arts with fine arts to achieve the desired objective of learning and understanding. Arts integration is a creative way of gaining problem-solving, motor, language, decision-making, and social skills.  The inclusion of art in the process develops… Read More »Arts Integration

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is the administrative office in an educational institution that supervises a wide range of educational divisions at a school. This office plays a leading role in curricula production and implementation activities. Some of the examples include introducing e-learning into the setup or establishing… Read More »Academic Affairs

Academic Advisor

An academic advisor is a professional who assists students in their growth and development by building concrete educational plans that are aligned with their specific life goals. By providing this support, academic advisors help students explore their strengths and academic interests. They hold an important… Read More »Academic Advisor

Absolute Grading

Absolute grading is a grading system where students are awarded grades on previously established standards of performance. Each group of points is assigned a letter grade, and whatever the score achieved by the student, that is their grade. Many schools around the world follow the… Read More »Absolute Grading