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The term Academician refers to a full-time member of a literary, artistic, or scientific academy. It is an honorary title in many countries and comes with significant prestige. The academies involved usually hold a great influence on national scientific life. As a title, Academician grants privileges and responsibilities for funding allocation and priorities over research. 

In the Royal Society, the term Academician was an honorary recognition by a body of peer reviewers. It is used to distinguish a person without giving him formal powers. While in the French Academy of Sciences that gets more state funding due to its proximity to the government, the title Academician implied more right during decision making. 

In some countries, only the top scientists and engineers are given the title of an Academician. There are a lot of academicians in India. Some famous teachers of India can be considered as academicians. Academicians are elected members of the National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Sciences in the United States. While in Sweden, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences elects members for its Academy. The Academy nominates and evaluates candidates for Nobel Prizes. 

An Academician encourages art, literature, science and holds advanced educational degrees. Most Academicians prefer to follow a combined role of researching, teaching, and administration. 

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