Achievement Test

An achievement test is designed to measure the skills, accomplishments, or knowledge in a field of study. It is conducted after proper training, counselling, planned instructions, and classroom management

The most common example of achievement tests can be school tests. It is a small example where achievement tests are used to assess students in their regular day-to-day classes and knowledge learned in a particular standard. 

Formative assessment and summative assessment can be a part of the achievement tests. Both types of assessment are used to evaluate the students regularly to improve their ability, knowledge, and skill. Aptitude tests are different from achievement tests, and the latter is only conducted after proper study. 

Lower scores on an achievement test indicate the need for reassessment or repetition of the current level of information. Higher scores indicate that the student is ready for a higher level of knowledge and grade levels. 

The test scores are used to measure the level of instruction that the student is capable of receiving. A common type of assessment test is the SAT, which refers to the ‘Standardized Assessment Test’. The SAT scores of students from the primary criteria for admission in colleges in the USA. 

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