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Academic Literacy

Academic literacy states that a person should be proficient enough in reading and writing when it comes to academics. It is the ability to contextualise the academic vocabulary required in higher education.  

Academic Literacy involves summarising, analyzing, comparing, and contrasting the information and ideas from various given sources. Classroom assessment techniques are instrumental in developing critical thinking and writing. A person must be able to analyze and discuss the specific subjects which are essential.

A person who is academic literate is accepted to contribute productively in the field of study. He/she can do it by engaging correctly in the on-going conversations and discussions within his/her respective academic area of specialisation.

There are a variety of advantages to academic literacy. For example, It helps in interpreting the figures of speech like metaphor and simile. It has the ability to perceive a variety of connotations and wordplay. It is also useful in understanding a variety of academic vocabulary in any context. It also offers an understanding of the logical development of a text with the help of an introduction and a conclusion. 

Academic literacy basically helps understand the various uses of language and then interprets a particular text/subject according to one’s understanding and analysis. It offers the ability to show sensitivity or be able to connect through a text’s conveyance emotionally. This plays a significant role in distinguishing between the required and non-required facts, opinions, arguments, and information. 

An academic literate should be able to produce information in a visual or graphical form. They should also be able to differentiate between classifications, categories, and comparisons.  They are also supposed to do simple numerical estimations and have basic computation knowledge relevant to academics.A person who possesses academic literacy can also publish their research works defining an arena of a particular subject in an Academic Journal.

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