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Administrative Hold

An administrative hold refers to a type of restriction placed by colleges or institutions on students for various matters. An administrative hold is placed upon students to ensure all students comply with necessary administrative tasks in the comprehensive school structure.

The hold can be applied upon a student who fails to comply with either an obligation within a reasonable amount of time or has outstanding fees/ fine to be paid to the educational institution. 

An administrative hold blocks a student’s access to several institutional services, including but not limited to, classroom activities, current or past term grades, registering for a new class, discount plans available to faculty, staff, and alumni, and access to books and other course material. 

Other reasons for the hold to be placed include failing to pick up relevant documentation, missing contact information, or providing wrong/invalid information. This can be directed towards at-risk students as well.

However, it is important to note that the hold is not permanent. Once the student meets all terms and conditions of the college and fulfills all necessary obligations, the hold can be revoked by the relevant unit, usually the academic affairs. The student then regains access to all services that were blocked by the administrative hold. 

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