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Advisory Program

An advisory program means a set schedule of advisories established by colleges/ educational institutions for guiding students on academic-related and other similar issues. An academic advisor usually conducts this advisory and meets small clusters of students and sheds light on academic, social, and future-planning-related issues.

In some cases, advisory programs are run by teachers themselves, while in other cases, advisory programs are conducted by other faculty/ staff members, including guidance counselors and social workers

The way advisories are conducted may vary from institution to institution. Some schools may organize casual meetings with students, while others may prescribe a regularly scheduled curriculum.

This schedule is usually decided by college faculty, school leaders, as well as the student body.

The primary purpose of setting up an advisory program is to ensure that someone is in touch with all the students enrolled and that all their learning needs are being met successfully. Apart from that, advisories are also set up to encourage students to make better academic, career, and personal choices, hence motivating them to be better people.

Advisory programs usually link students with the same academic advisor for multiple years to establish a higher level of comfort and effectiveness. However, in some educational institutions, the advisories may pair groups of students with different advisors each year.

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