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Academic Journal

An academic journal is also known as a scholarly journal. It is a periodical publication that includes various original research work and reviews of the previous subjects. These are written by researchers who are experts in a particular branch of study. It is a forum that provides the details and critique of subject knowledge.

The articles written in the academic journal are written in a formal setting by the experts. It is mainly based on their original research, analysis, and interpretation of the subject. The main intention of an academic journal is to provide a platform to the researcher. A platform that helps them reveal their knowledge to one another. It also allows them to contribute to various fields of design, providing knowledge to others.  These also act as instructional material.

Articles from these journals are considered a credible source of knowledge as these are written by scholars and are peer-reviewed. Academic journals are known to have many references and citations, which help acquire a deeper understanding of a particular academic discipline. If a person is on a block due to any reason, they cannot publish their work in the journal. There is a need to resolve this academic hold to proceed further.

There are various types of academic journal articles compiled in one book. The list includes letters of communication, articles, research notes, supplemental articles, peer-reviewed articles, and scientific research articles. They are also seen in the form of scientific journals, qualitative social science, quantitative social science, and humanities.

Academic journals are periodicals issued by a corporation, a professional, a scholarly society, or an institution. Here, the researchers are allowed to publish the reports or current news in the form of an article after doing thorough research on the subject. Academic journals may be published annually, quarterly, or semi-annually.

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