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Academic Benchmark

An academic benchmark is a type of instrumental measurement parameter that helps students’ academic subjects’ growth in an academic year. It measures the quality and one’s excellence in education, including the levels of examination. Based on the benchmark, the achievement is decided.

It helps the mentor design the customized curriculum to suffice the students’ educational needs and improve gradually. Academic benchmark is used to measure students’ proficiency in writing, learning, reading, speaking, etc. It helps the student to improve their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. 

Here the students are assessed with the same grade and courses, but the individual performances are measured. The academic benchmarks may evaluate the students’ performance either on an absolute or relative basis. 

The educational benchmark is set at the early stage of the course, and the students are to observe the concept of learning after which they are evaluated at the end. Hence, the academic benchmark is used to obtain the students’ progression and commitment to the year-end goals.  The teacher works towards making the students capable of achieving the academic benchmark.

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The academic benchmark includes academic literacy practices as the students need to analyze and generate ideas. 

The benchmark helps the mentor analyze students’ strengths and weaknesses and instruct them accordingly for the future. Through this type of assessment, students get a chance to go beyond their comfort zone by assessing different kinds of evaluations, and they can express their ideas without any restrictions and risks, where they can reach their academic freedom.

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