Thesis Meaning

Thesis Meaning Thesis meaning is a brief statement, generally one sentence, that outlines the main point or assertion of an article, research paper, etc. It is formulated, aided, and explained in the text with the help of proof and examples. The statement of the thesis meaning… Read More »Thesis Meaning

Teacher Training College

Teacher Training College Teachers are the backbone of any country, they help the country grow by strengthening its education system. Good Teacher training college are the need of the hour as the country needs upskilled and talented teachers. Some of the amazing teacher training colleges… Read More »Teacher Training College

School Teacher

School Teacher A school teacher is someone who teaches in a school. There are various types of school teachers, like primary teachers or PRT teachers, TGT teachers, PGT teachers, etc. On the basis of their interest and qualifications, they are allotted classes to teach. For… Read More »School Teacher

Class Teacher

Class Teacher A class teacher is an individual who is responsible for a particular group of students in a school. In short, we can say that a class teacher handles a bunch of students who make a classroom. Their job role includes responsibilities like maintaining… Read More »Class Teacher

Assignment Meaning In Hindi

Assignment Meaning In Hindi Assignment meaning in Hindi is one of the most searched questions on the internet. The assignment meaning in Hindi is ‘कार्यभार’. कार्यभार or assignments are chores or pieces of work that students are assigned by their professors and tutors to do… Read More »Assignment Meaning In Hindi

Peer Learning

Peer Learning  Peer learning is the procedure in which students learn about different things from each other. This is generally stimulated through teaching and learning activities such as workshops which are led by students, studying in groups, learning partnerships, and group projects. Peer Learning is… Read More »Peer Learning

Ideal Teacher

Ideal Teacher Teachers play a very significant role in our lives, they motivate us to perform better every day. An ideal teacher is a teacher that devotes themselves to teaching and building the career of their students. Students respect ideal teachers a lot, many students… Read More »Ideal Teacher

Behavior Management

There is a requirement of behavior management among students, they should be organized. It is a technique of modifying behavior, we can take a few examples like rules, consequences, and schedules. Rules are made to modify the behavior of students as per the need, it… Read More »Behavior Management

Aim Meaning

Aim Meaning  Students should always know what they want to achieve in their life. A person can not become successful if they do not know what are their interests and what they want to achieve in their life. Students should practice daily and learn more… Read More »Aim Meaning


Internship Students must be thinking about what is the internship means, the meaning of an internship is it is a duration in which a student or we can say a newly qualified professional graduate gets practical experience in a job. In this a student gets a… Read More »Internship