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PGT Topic Wise Analysis

Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) organizes exams for selecting prospective employees for the NCT Government of Delhi. The DSSSB has conducted the PGT recruitment exam for various shifts. This article will discuss the detailed exam analysis of the DSSSB PGT for multiple subjects.

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But before we have a look at the PGT Topic wise analysis, let’s go through the PGT syllabus for this year:

  • General Awareness
  • General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability
  • Arithmetical & Numerical Ability
  • English Language & Comprehension
  • The specific subject chosen by the candidate

DSSSB PGT Topic Wise Analysis

  1. For Commerce
SubjectsNumber Of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
General Awareness20Easy-Moderate10-12
General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability20Easy14-15
Arithmetical & Numerical Ability20Easy13-14
English Language20Easy-Moderate12-13
Hindi Language20Easy14-15
Subject Concerned 200Moderate80-90

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PGT Commerce Exam Analysis

SubjectsQuestions Asked
General AwarenessAward: Gavaskar trophySportsCurrent AffairsRBI Set Upbiographynational parkDance formSchemes
General Intelligence & Reasoning AbilityBlood relationsVenn diagramFiguresAlphabet seriesDiceCubeDirectionEmbedded FigureSitting Arrangement
Arithmetical & Numerical AbilitySimplificationCISimple InterestAverageTrain RelatedRatio Proportionprofit percentageDIPie Chart
English LanguageAntonymsComprehensionSynonymsSpelling ErrorIdiom & Phrases
Hindi Languageविराम चिन्हवाक्य अशुधिसंज्ञासमानार्थी शब्दप्रत्यय – उपसर्गसंधिHindi Passageविलोमतत्समसवर्नामक्रियालिंग
Subject Concerned Exemption income section 10 seriesDefinitions and headquartersTypes of CompaniesForfeiture of sharesConsignment accountsMarketingElton mayo Hawthorne experimentsTaxationProfits and Gains of Business or ProfessionPedagogyPartnershipSpan of management

  1. For History: 
SubjectsNumber Of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
General Awareness20Easy-Moderate12-13
General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability20Easy14-15
Arithmetical & Numerical Ability20Easy14-15
English Language20Easy- Moderate12-13
Hindi Language20Easy14-15
Subject Concerned 200Moderate80-90

PGT History Exam Analysis

SubjectsQuestions Asked
General AwarenessCurrent AffairsRBIDance form of TripuraAwardsSportsMovie Related SchemesDada Sahab Falke awards 2021BudgetDanceBiographyHazaribagh national parkPortuguese grand prixAward index
General Intelligence & Reasoning AbilityDirectionRankingFiguresBlood relationsSitting ArrangementDiceCube
Arithmetical & Numerical AbilitySimple InterestAverageProfit percentageDISimplificationCIPie ChartTrain RelatedRatio Proportion
English LanguageComprehensionError correctionIdiom & PhrasesSynonymsAntonyms
Hindi LanguageHindi Passageविराम चिन्हवाक्य अशुधिविलोमतत्समक्रियासंधिसंज्ञासवर्नामसमासलिंगसमानार्थी शब्दअलंकार
Subject Concerned Mesopotamia RomeWho killed the royal family of NepalMedieval historyPost-independenceMacklay ReportWho is head of Diwan-i-InshaWho wrote Indian feudalismPresident of Congress during Karachi SessionIndustrial revolutionMechanical inventionWestern and Indian ‘s StatementWestern and Indian ‘s Books25th and 42nd Amendment by prime MinisterConstitutionArticle 24 and 36Karachi AdhiveshanAmritsar Jallianwala KandBooks return by AshokaMughal EmpireIndustrialization
  1. For Sociology: 
SubjectsNumber Of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
General Awareness20Easy-Moderate12-13
General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability20Easy-Moderate13-14
Arithmetical & Numerical Ability20Moderate13-14
English Language20Easy15-16
Hindi Language20Easy15-16
Subject Concerned (MCQs of one mark each from the subject concerned (teaching methodology/B.El.Ed./D.Ed./NTT/JBT etc.)200Moderate70-80

DSSSB PGT Sociology Exam Analysis

SubjectsQuestions Asked
General AwarenessWho is the Governor-General at the time of 1857 revolutionbased on Article, GovernorICC CricketIncome and Expenditure comes in which articleChairman of Asian Cricket CouncilMusic InstrumentHuman Development Index5-7 Current affairsBattle of chausaNews provider in pre-independence time to Indian newspaperShifting cultivation in MP known as,HAMPIFind IQ when (MA=10 and CA=9)Word secularism added by which amendmentThe rate of interest at which banks provide money to customers is known as?Which company started 5G in IndiaWhich state make water harvesting compulsoryJapan PMPadam VibhushanScientific Fruit NameViticultureAwards Related to Cricket
General Intelligence & Reasoning AbilityBlood RelationsSeriesmirror image questionDirectionRankingDiceEmbedded FigureSeries Figure
Arithmetical & Numerical AbilityDITime & WorkTriangleFractionHCF LCFReminderSI & CI
English LanguageIdiomsSpelling MistakeReading ComprehensionGrammar Based QuestionsPrevious Year QuestionsSynonymsAntonyms
Hindi Languageसंज्ञासवर्नामक्रियालिंगHindi Passageविलोमतत्समक्याकरण नियमवाक्य अशुधिसमानार्थी शब्दअलंकारसंधिसमास
Subject Concerned Concept of ReligionCommunalismCasteismMeaning of SociologySocial GroupTypes of FamilyCommunitySocial ChangeCultureSocializationSocial Stratification and MobilityProcess of Social ChangeLiberalization and GlobalizationSocial researchMax Weber’s Bureaucracy

Candidates are advised to properly go through the PGT syllabus and topic-wise analysis before appearing for the PGT exam. This will help candidates prepare appropriately for the PGT exam and improve their performance.

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