Roll Number

Roll Number

All the students have their unique roll number in school, college, institution, and in all other educational places. All the students should know what the roll number is. A roll number is a unique identification number that can be assigned to a student during admission or after registration.

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This number is unique to the student in the class which provides a unique identity. Teachers can not assign the same number to two students in placement. To avoid cases where students in different groups use the same list number, they can set a common prefix for all student list numbers in each group. Prefixes can help determine which course and group a student belong to. Before assigning these numbers, teachers must choose how the institution will sort students. Students can sort by admission number, first name, or last name.

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After sorting students, the first step is to set a prefix for the course. A prefix set for a course is automatically applied to all packages in that course. This also applies to all students in each group. Teachers can change it for each batch if they don’t want to use the same number prefix for all batches in the course. Although two different courses or two different batches can have the same number prefix, it is recommended to set a unique roll number prefix for each course and batch to avoid confusion. A student’s list number prefix cannot be changed individually. Students have no right to change their roll numbers. 

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