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Scope of PGT

PGT is an abbreviation for Post Graduate Teacher. Teaching is the field in which this post sits. Higher secondary classes are the responsibility of PGTs. Therefore, their salaries are among the highest in the educational field. Aspirants can also become PGTs in government schools.

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In the conventional job market, teaching is one of the most common occupations. Aspirants have numerous opportunities in this field. The PGT position is a prestigious one where you can gain maximum benefit with minimal effort. There is a minimum qualification required for the position. A school education teacher holds the highest position. You will be well-paid, comfortable, and well-known.

You can apply to either government or private institutions. To become a teacher in a government school, you must pass a state-level exam. Private institutions offer a higher salary package, however. You do not need to take any entrance exams for private schools. Higher secondary students can be taught as a PGT. However, your promotion will depend on your experience.

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PGT Exams

Several PGT exams help you get selected in a government school. You will be able to get a good salary and work environment after qualifying for these exams. However, these exams have certain eligibility criteria.

Eligibility to Become a PGT:

In order to apply for a PGT, a candidate must meet the minimum requirements. The eligibility requirements vary based on your qualifications. It is open to all qualified candidates. In order to be eligible for a private or a government school, you must meet the same criteria. There are also some requirements for private schools.

History cannot be taught by a candidate with a postgraduate degree in English. Due to the fact that you can only apply to a subject in which you have a postgraduate degree, you cannot apply for other subjects. You can apply as a math teacher if you have completed your post-graduation in Mathematics. Mathematics will be taught to students in higher secondary schools.

To become a PGT, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The candidate must have a postgraduate degree in the field of interest.
  • B.Ed. degree is required.
  • The candidate must have received a PG degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% of the marks.
  • To become a teacher in a government school, an aspirant must also qualify for an entrance exam. These exams can be either state-level or national. When you pass the entrance exam for a government school, you will receive more benefits than in a normal private school. 
  • The age of the candidate is also an important consideration. When you do not meet the age limits, you cannot take the PGT exams. In private institutions, the age limit may be different. Most of the government exams still have a similar age limit:
  • 21 years of age is the minimum age requirement.
  • Over 40 years of age is the maximum allowed.

PGT exams cannot be taken by anyone who doesn’t fit within this age limit. Fluency in Hindi and English is another requirement for taking PGT exams. Occasionally, proficiency in the native language of the state is also necessary. Communication becomes much easier as a result. You cannot possibly become a good teacher if you are unable to communicate with students.

Now, as you know the meaning of the exam and its eligibility, you should understand the scope of the exam. It is good to follow up with the salary a future PGT will get to understand how the future can be. 

Salary of the PGT:

Post Graduate Teachers are paid the highest salary package among all teachers. Post Graduate Teachers are paid the highest salary package among all teachers. A PGT has to work hard compared to a TGT or a PRT. Therefore, they deserve a higher salary. In a government school, a PGT will get a higher salary than one in a private school. 

Government teachers of the higher secondary class receive the same increment as higher authorities. Moreover, their working conditions are good. Their salaries increase as they gain experience. Candidates who are interested in making a career in teaching should consider a PGT job profile.

PGTs in government institutions are typically paid between 45,000 and 50,000 rupees. For a new teacher, this is a substantial salary. They may earn up to 1.5 lakhs once they gain experience. Their level of expertise and experience will determine how much they earn. In addition to their basic salary, they also receive a DA of roughly 7%.

You should consider the following factors when calculating the salary of a Post Graduate Teacher in a private institution:

  • Depending on the institution, postgraduate teachers earn a different salary. It is obvious that teachers in reputed institutions will earn well. Smaller institutions, however, will find it difficult to pay them well.
  • Experience is another factor that determines your salary in a private institution. A higher level of experience means a higher salary. Knowledge of the subject is related to your level of experience.


They will be able to gain a better understanding of the education system and their responsibilities and duties through the training and degree in PGT. School teachers have many of the same duties and responsibilities as PGTs. However, their responsibilities are more specific. PGT is a prominent degree that holds a good scope for the candidates who wish to become respected teachers. 

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