Important Topics For PGT Exam

What is a PGT Exam? 

A coveted position in India, the PGT exam is conducted for the post of a post-graduate teacher. Students of higher secondary and senior secondary classes are taught by a post-graduate teacher. Also known as secondary school teaching, this position is most sought after and is highly reputed in India.

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In order to qualify for the position of post-graduate teacher, a candidate has to appear for the PGT exam, which enhances their competence and instils the right teaching strategies and methodology. 

PGT Exam Eligibility Criteria
Before we jump to the important topics for the PGT exam, let’s get an insight into the eligibility criteria for the PGT exam. This will enable the candidates to understand if they can appear for the exam. The PGT exam eligibility criteria is as follows:

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  • To qualify for the PGT exam, a candidate should have cleared their 12th from a board that is recognized, with a minimum of 50 percent marks. 
  • The candidate should hold a graduation degree from a university that is recognized. 
  • The candidate should have B.Ed or a degree equivalent to that from a university that is recognized. 
  • The applicant should have a post-graduation degree from a university that is recognized. 
  • The candidate applying for the PGT exam should not be above the age of 40 years to be eligible for the exam. 
  • In order to be eligible, a candidate should be proficient in both Hindi and English languages.

PGT Exam Pattern
Another crucial factor to consider before jumping to the important topics is the exam pattern of the PGT exam. The exam pattern is the holy grail for the candidates to understand what is the exam type, how many marks are awarded and what the weightage is.
Exam Pattern: 

  • The PGT exam is conducted offline through the mode of a written exam.
  • All questions are asked in the form of MCQs or Multiple Choice Questions.
  • The candidates are provided an OMR sheet on which they are supposed to mark their answers. 
  • Each question carries 4 marks, and there are a total of 125 questions asked in a PGT exam.
  • The candidates get a 2-hour duration to complete the exam.

PGT Exam Important Topics 

The mission of the PGT exam is to increase the proficiency of senior lecturers and teachers, enabling them to learn the accurate methodologies of teaching required for such a senior position. Thus, the curriculum and course are designed in accordance with the teaching standards expected from the qualified candidates. The following topics are covered under the syllabus of the PGT exam and are extremely important for candidates who wish to qualify the exam successfully: 

  1. English 
  2. Sanskrit 
  3. Hindi
  4. Urdu
  5. Mathematics 
  6. Physics 
  7. Civics
  8. Economics
  9. History
  10. Geography 
  11. Botany
  12. Chemistry 
  13. Art 
  14. Psychology
  15. Sociology 
  16. Biology 
  17. Pedagogy
  18. Music 
  19. Agriculture 
  20. Home Science
  21. Commerce
  22. Botany 
  23. Logic And Reasoning 
  24. Military Reasoning

The following topics are prioritised, keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian Teaching System of the post-graduate teachers. Each topic brings the candidate closer to better knowledge and skills, which they can impart to the students within the classroom. 

PGT Exam Important Books
Now that you are aware of the important topics covered under the PGT exam, here is a list of some resourceful books which help the candidates to understand the topics better and study in a more efficient manner:

  1. English 

Candidates can refer to UP PGT Entrance Exam – English by Vinod Kumar Gupta 

  1. Sanskrit 

Candidates can refer to PGT Sanskrit by Dr. Murarilal Agarwal

  1. Mathematics 

Candidates can refer to Self Preparation Guide- PGT Mathematics by Arihant Publications

  1. History 

Candidates can refer to PGT History by R.K Singh 

  1. Home Science 

Candidates can refer to PGT Grah Vigyan 2021 by Dr. SK Pandey

The PGT exam is crucial to climbing the ladder of success in the field of teaching. Apart from the important topics covered in the syllabus, it also provides the candidates a hands-on experience of the classroom. If you are a candidate preparing for the PGT exam, refer to the topics carefully before you start preparing for the exam. 

Begin by focusing on topics that you are not proficient in to be able to get a better time to practice. Remember, the more you study, the better your prospects of being employed at the post of a post-graduate teacher in a reputed organization in India.

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