All the students of Uttarakhand must have heard about UBSE. All the students should have good knowledge about this agency who provides all the information about different courses of instructions. UBSE is also responsible for prescribing the textbooks that should be used by schools in Uttarakhand.

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One of the major responsibilities is to conduct the exam in Uttarakhand by this agency. There are a lot of complex processes involved in conducting examinations importance that UBSE has to take care of. All the students should prepare for their exam properly to be at the top. Competition has increased a lot so students should also improve their academic performance. The aim of students should not be to score average marks or pass. The aim should be to be at the top of the competition for that long-term and short-term goals are required. When they conduct examinations, their responsibility is to declare the results on time. Every student wants to know how much they have scored in the exam on time so this agency takes care that results are declared without delay. It was set up around 2001 by the government of Uttarakhand to manage all these important activities of the state. All the teachers stress management should know that there are more than 10,000 schools which come under this agency. They all are affiliated to it, students should take admission in these schools to get a good education in Uttarakhand. Examination centers are also decided by this agency which is the main thing in conducting examinations.

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1- What is UBSE full form?

Answer- UBSE full form is Uttarakhand Board of School Education.

2- What is the function of UBSE?

Answer- UBSE is also responsible for prescribing the textbooks that should be used by schools in Uttarakhand.

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