What is Fine Arts

Students willing to take creative learning courses must be aware of what is fine arts. However, some people are unclear about the difference between arts and other allied subjects. Creative art is developed for aesthetics or creative purposes. After completing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree… Read More »What is Fine Arts

Who Invented Homework

Homework is often looked down upon by students as something that is time-consuming and laborious – something that takes away free time from them. While students see it as a curse, teachers find it necessary for students to do homework because it is a fundamental… Read More »Who Invented Homework


A webinar is a portmanteau word created by combining ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. It is a seminar that is conducted online that turns a presentation into a conversation from any part of the world. Webinars offer an immensely large group of participants the opportunity to engage… Read More »Webinar

What is PET Exam

What is PET ExamWhat is PET exam is a highly searched questions on the web, let us understand more about it here. In 2022, the Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Board will offer a preliminary examination as a screening test for candidates interested in applying… Read More »What is PET Exam