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Who Invented Homework

Homework is often looked down upon by students as something that is time-consuming and laborious – something that takes away free time from them. While students see it as a curse, teachers find it necessary for students to do homework because it is a fundamental part of academic life. However, when was the first time students were given homework? Who invented homework?

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The answer to the question of who invented homework is said to be traced back to a single person – Roberto Nevilis. Whether Roberto Nevilis was really the inventor of homework is still up for debate, but what we do know is that Robert Nevilis was an Italian pedagog. His idea behind providing students with homework was simple – Nevilis felt that his teachings lost their essence on the students when they left the class.

Disappointed by the fact that students were failing to outperform themselves despite his hard work and best efforts, he decided to take a different approach, and hence, school homework was born (at least according to perceived history). Nevilis saw it only as an alternative means to punishment, and a means of helping weaker students. He never saw it as the sort of monotonous exercise it has come to be seen as today. 
However, according to teachers, homework is still important – here’s why.

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