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What is Seeding in Physical Education

What is seeding in physical education is a question that gets asked a lot. It is also an important board exam question for those who have decided to take up physical education in school for higher secondary education. So the answer to this question of What is seeding in physical education will be answered below.

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Seeding is a procedure in physical education by which strong teams are placed in fixtures in a particular way so that two strong teams do not get to face each other off right at the very beginning of a tournament. In the process of seeding, one strong team is paired up with a relatively weaker team so that two strong teams face off only at appropriate intervals. 

Seeding can be done for various reasons. The first and most obvious reason is to prevent the elimination of a strong team. Eliminating a strong team, in the beginning, would mean that another team with a lesser caliber would make it to the finals, which would not be fair. Another reason is for fan support in the case of international sports. The stronger team will usually have a larger fanbase and will hence bring in more money to the sport. 

However, sometimes this rule is intentionally broken for the exact same reason. However, it is done in a situation where there is no immediate consequence of such a decision. For example, in cricket, in the Indian Premier League, sometimes strong teams are put together in the very beginning so that a lot of people watch the match and rake in some money. 

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