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What is Bye in Physical Education

What is bye in physical education is a question that gets asked a lot. It is also an important board exam question for those who have decided to take up physical education in school for higher secondary education. So the answer to this question of what is bye in physical education will be answered below.

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A bye is a privilege offered to a team in the initial rounds of a game because of which that team gets exempted from playing in the first round and directly enters the second round. In sports that are played on a weekly basis, especially in sports such as football, a team that does not play during a certain week at all is said to be on a bye week. 

How did bye come to be used for that? The term bye has nothing to do with farewells. It is actually an appropriation of the preposition ‘by’. What’s the connection? Well, the connection is that a person who sits out a certain round is said to be “standing by” or is being “bypassed” while other players go about playing their rounds. The first mention of the word ‘bye’ in sports was in the sport of coursing. However, it became more popular in cricket where it came to refer to a run scored on a ball that is missed by the wicketkeeper. 

Given that news writers who were tasked with covering one sport might have also been covering other sports, it just might have been the case that they preferred the same word across all of them, hence making the word popular. 

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