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A webinar is a portmanteau word created by combining ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. It is a seminar that is conducted online that turns a presentation into a conversation from any part of the world. Webinars offer an immensely large group of participants the opportunity to engage in online discussions or training events as well as share audio, documents, or slides even when they are not in the same place as the host or in the same room the event or presentation is taking place.

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Webinars have been becoming more and more popular because of the internet boom, but it really took off after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Seminars suddenly became almost dead because people had to socially distance themselves and auditoriums, schools and colleges were closed down for the foreseeable future. That is when online chat rooms and video conferencing kicked off and soon online seminars became the new normal and people started adopting the term webinar to describe them. 

A webinar has a few advantages over traditional seminars, a few of which are as given below:

Flexibility – A person can attend or host a webinar from any part of the world at any time, across time zones for any period of time, and for any number of people. It makes the whole process not just easy but also convenient for all those involved.

More courses to choose from – Online seminars are restricted by the venue and the theme of a particular event, but webinars can have whatever theme they want because they can be hosted independently.

Cost-Effective – Since there is no need for a stage or auditorium to be booked, webinars are quite cost-effective to host and run.
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