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What is the Main Role of Research in Education

What would you do when you need to explore new topics? Maybe you will research the new topic. If you are interested in educational research, you may want to know what is the main role of research in education. 

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The education industry needs timely research to expand the existing body of knowledge. If you think, “What is the main role of research in education?” you may want to know the answer. The answer to this question is that research improves teaching and learning practices. Moreover, educational researchers also seek answers to questions on learner motivation, development, and classroom management

Characteristics of educational research

  • Educational research focuses on a specific problem and tries to find the answer to the stated problem. 
  • It uses primary and secondary data in its data collection process. Researchers rely on first-hand sources of information and secondary data to conclude a topic.
  • Educational research uses a scientific approach to arrive at a conclusion. As a part of the research process, it relies on empirical evidence. 
  • Researchers focus on the development of theories of learning and principles to provide better insights into the problems at hand. 
  • Researchers may use various methods to collect relevant information. For example, they may use structured, semi-structured, and unstructured questions to gather information.
  • Educational research is interdisciplinary as it combines cross-functional studies. 

The above mentioned are some of the characteristics of educational research. These characteristics provide an insight into what is the main role of research in education. Educational research offers a rich career to students. They need to study well to establish a career as an educational researcher. 

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