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What is Fine Arts

Students willing to take creative learning courses must be aware of what is fine arts. However, some people are unclear about the difference between arts and other allied subjects.

Creative art is developed for aesthetics or creative purposes. After completing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in fine arts, students can work in cinema, art theaters, metalwork, pottery, and many more related fields. However, before pursuing a M.Ed master’s degree in this field, interested candidates must learn what is fine arts. 

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Historically, there are five branches of creative arts; painting, music, sculpture, architecture, and poetry. Moreover, theater and dance were in the performing arts category. 

Here are a few colleges providing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in this subject.

  • Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University
  • College of Arts, Delhi University
  • Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai
  • Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art
  • Kala Bhawan, Visva Bharati University

These institutes are among the top institutes in India. However, these colleges have different eligibility criteria for admission. Students can visit the website of their shortlisted colleges to check their eligibility criteria. Then they may proceed with the application. 

Understanding the application process, eligibility criteria, and the required cutoffs are essential before taking admission to colleges offering this course. Students can pursue a degree in this subject after completing class 12th in any stream. Various colleges and universities also offer online courses on creative arts. It is always advisable to understand a degree, its applications, and everything in between before applying. So first understand what is fine arts before applying for this course. 

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