Reading refers to the process of comprehending a series of symbols that are in a written format. One can draw the intended meaning from them. In the academic context, it is a fundamental process through which students absorb knowledge, with their eyes and their understanding.… Read More »Reading


Research refers to a detailed analysis of a particular phenomenon of interest using a different technique, such as reading about the topic or using any scientific method. It can be about studies, psychology, medicine, science, etc.  Research begins with a question or a problem that… Read More »Research

Report Card

A report card refers to the final document that contains an assessment of the student’s academic performance and behaviors. A report card, also called a progress report, is periodically sent to parents or guardians. It contains comments on how the students can improve and as mentioned,… Read More »Report Card

Remote Testing

Remote testing is a versatile software tool used for conducting a secured test or an assessment using online software with an audio and video facility for students while ensuring the test’s integrity. To ensure the right student is taking the test, the teacher needs to… Read More »Remote Testing

Remote Teaching

Remote teaching is an online teaching method that includes teaching via technology such as a classroom management app, video conferencing software, other educational videos, etc. Remote teaching is similar to the online teaching method but has a slight difference. The online teaching method is a… Read More »Remote Teaching

Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring refers to remotely supervising the exam with live video streaming and online monitoring software to ensure integrity and authenticity. Remote proctoring needs high-speed internet connectivity and the latest technology to enable smooth functioning.  With the evolving technology, this proctoring eliminates the conventional exam… Read More »Remote Proctoring

Roles Of Teacher

The different roles of a teacher are considered vital in the life of a student. Learners can be of any age group or any background, but it is the job of a teacher to guide them. They have various roles to play in the school… Read More »Roles Of Teacher

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

Revised Bloom’s taxonomy is a taxonomy that emphasizes the student’s learning outcomes with the help of refined terms. It examines cognitive skills and learning behaviour. The revised approach of Bloom’s taxonomy is subjected to changes in terminology and structure. Here, different skills and objectives are… Read More »Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice is one of the most powerful learning strategies. It is an act where one tries to recall the information without having a particular piece of information in front. Retrieval practice is really beneficial for long-term learning. It is a powerful strategy that helps… Read More »Retrieval Practice