Revision Test

Revision TestRevision test is considered to be an important part of the preparation process. While the students try to prepare for their exams, it is crucial that teachers conduct revision test for them. In order to polish their knowledge, the teachers should ensure that students… Read More »Revision Test


रस Many people ask the meaning of रस. रस is a concept of Hindi and is considered a very important concept of the language. Let us understand it in detail. According to Wikipedia- ‘श्रव्य काव्य के पठन अथवा श्रवण एवं दृश्य काव्य के दर्शन तथा… Read More »रस


RTE Act The 86th Constitution Amendment Act of 2002 mandates that all children get free and obligatory elementary education. The RTE act or Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill of 2008 aims to put this Amendment into practice. Every kid aged six… Read More »RTE Act

Retired Teacher Wishes

Retired Teacher Wishes Who is a retired teacher? What is age for retirement of teachers in India? What are some best ways to wish retired teachers? What are best retired teacher wishes? These are a few frequently asked questions about retired teachers. If you have… Read More »Retired Teacher Wishes

Roll Number

Roll Number All the students have their unique roll number in school, college, institution, and in all other educational places. All the students should know what the roll number is. A roll number is a unique identification number that can be assigned to a student… Read More »Roll Number


RPVV Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalayas(RPVV) is an excellent school where the quality of education is very good. In Delhi, there are around twenty-two RPVV schools that provide very good quality education to all the students. Teachers in RPVV are trained properly and have nice teaching… Read More »RPVV

Riddles For Kids

Riddles For Kids Riddles for kids is a very interesting concept of teaching the students and making education easy for them. Riddles are considered to be an innovative way of helping the students in sharpening their knowledge and skills. As the students solve difficult questions… Read More »Riddles For Kids