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Record Book

A record book is a book that is used to record the lab work or project work progress of a student. It is usually used in a laboratory setting and has a common format that needs to be followed by all students. The most commonly used record books are the physics record, chemistry record, and biology record. 

Most schools have a store in them where the students can buy emergency school supplies like pens, pencils, geometry boxes, etc. which is where they can get to buy a record book of their choice. Such record books will have the school or college logo printed on them to denote that it was, in fact, bought from the school or college itself.

There are certain rules and regulations to be followed when writing in a record book. It is often treated as a formal assessment mechanism for students in the lab and its quality and neatness often awarded marks in the course of a lab exam, whether it is in the case of an in-person lab or a virtual lab. It is recommended, therefore, to keep the record book in perfect condition, which is why teachers often ask students to not even make any cuts and scratches in the book so as to keep it in pristine condition for the external.

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