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Research Question

This can be defined as a question that a research project is set out to answer. Choosing it is a fundamental element of both qualitative as well as quantitative research. An investigation will require data collection from various sources and analysis, and the methodology used for this will vary extensively. Good research questions try to improve knowledge on an important topic and are usually narrow and specific.

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To create such a practically relevant question, one must determine what type of study needs to be conducted like a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed study. Additional factors, like project funding, might not only affect the question itself but also how and when it is formed during the research process. Literature suggests several variations when it comes to criteria selection for its construction, such as the FINER or PICOT methods.

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The answer to such a question can help address a research problem or question. Specifying it as the central issue to be resolved by a formal thesis, research project, or dissertation, is typically one of the first steps that an investigator will have to take when undertaking research. Considerations, like methodological approaches or project funding, might influence the research process, which includes how and when the question is developed. Clearly and accurately defining such a question can become a repetitive process. How the question is constructed can depend on the type of research or discipline being followed.

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