Recess is a break that you take in between your work or study. It originates from the Latin word recessus, meaning retreat or going back. In the UK, recess is known as break or playtime. Students in the UK take breaks from their studies and… Read More »Recess

Residential School

A residential school is an educational organization where students live within the institute’s premises. They are given formal instructions and moral learning during their stay on the school campus. These schools also follow a different curriculum and their course module stretches far beyond formal classroom… Read More »Residential School

Resources in Hindi

Resources in HindiResources in Hindi is one of the most searched questions on the internet. Students who study Hindi and are interested in the subject are always curious to read more about study materials or study resources in Hindi. Teachers use a number of engaging… Read More »Resources in Hindi

Research Paper Format

The research paper format will be different based on the style guide you choose to follow. Try to stick to a certain research paper format to ensure uniformity. Irrespective of the type of research being done, writing an outline for it not only organizes the… Read More »Research Paper Format

Rutherford Model

Rutherford Model  Rutherford model is an important topic that comes up in science exams. Rutherford conducted an experiment in which he used a thin sheet of gold foil with -particles and then analysed the particle’s track after colliding with the gold foil. Rutherford’s model utilised a… Read More »Rutherford Model

Research Process

The research process is the process of multiple steps in conducting research work. The research process includes various steps namely – selecting the research area – where you decide on the genre of the research. Your thesis pointer expects you to state that you chose… Read More »Research Process

Resume for Freshers

Resume for Freshers A resume is a formal document that outlines the complete course of one’s career from their educational background to their current qualifications and achievements. It functions to highlight one’s attributes and convince the employer that they are worth hiring. A good resume… Read More »Resume for Freshers

Research Methodology ppt

Students should have a Research methodology ppt to increase their knowledge about research methodology. A good research strategy provides scientifically sound findings, whereas a poor methodology produces none. The emphasis on words, statistics, or both distinguish qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods strategies. When the study’s goals and… Read More »Research Methodology ppt

Research Approach

In the field of science, different researchers assign different meanings to the term ‘research approach’. However, research approach is simply a general plan and procedure to conduct the study. According to that, research approaches can be divided into five categories: The Descriptive Method The Explanatory… Read More »Research Approach