Research Statement

A research statement can be described as a summary of the research achievements of an individual or study group or team and a proposal for upcoming research & includes both current aims and findings, as well as future goals. A research statement is generally requested as part of a relevant job application process and helps in the identification of appropriate applicants.

It generally follows a certain set pattern when it comes to the layout, and often has features of other research documents such as an abstract, research background, and future prospects. The purpose of a research statement is, therefore, to allow the viewers like a research committee to know the core idea of the research document, the main points related to it, and where it will eventually lead. The later parts of a research statement may highlight the benefits that the report will provide to its subject field. 

A research statement, when done properly, can be successful in answering the following questions:

  • The interest in the research study
  • The unsolved questions that caused the student to undertake the study
  • The major accomplishments that resulted from the study
  • The methodologies used in the collection and analysis of data
  • The factors limiting the scope of the research
  • Other challenges that might have been encountered during the research & how to overcome them
  • Application of this research in society
  • Importance of the research in its relevant field
  • The possibility of the research paving the way for further studies in the field

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