Information Overload

Information overload is the inability to make decisions because of the availability of a lot of data. Being exposed to a lot of information can hamper your ability to make decisions and this is information overload. We are living in a society where we are… Read More »Information Overload

IQAC Full Form

IQAC Full Form  IQAC Full Form – Internal Quality Assurance Cell According to National Assessment and Accreditation Council NAAC guidelines, every institution that has been accredited must establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell IQAC as a post-accreditation quality measure. As quality enhancement is a continuous… Read More »IQAC Full Form

Institute of Eminence

An Institute of Eminence, or IoE for short, is a recognition scheme for higher education institutes in India. It was set by the University Grants Commission back in 2017. The plan was meant for twenty institutions out of which 12 have already been declared an… Read More »Institute of Eminence


Joint Admission Test for MSc, often referred to by its popular abbreviation IIT JAM, is a pan-India entrance exam conducted online by the Indian Institutes of Technology every year on a rotational basis. It is conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources Development… Read More »IIT JAM


Every organization wants to reach the moons and stars and to give wings to such aspirations, ISRO was formed. When Indian scientists decided to explore the secrets of space, they established Indian National Committee for Space Research in 1962. The founding members consist of renowned… Read More »ISRO

IIT Madras Online Degree

IIT Madras is one of the prominent institutes in India that provides technical knowledge to students. In addition to regular programs, the institute also offers various online degree programs to learners. IIT Madras online degree gives students insight into the programming and data science world.… Read More »IIT Madras Online Degree


In the field of psychology, internalization is the outcome of mind reasoning about a specific subject. The subject in question is internalized, and the consideration of the subject is considered internal. Internalization of ideals may take place after a religious conversion, or in the process… Read More »Internalization


The word infer means to carry forward. Inference is the process of deriving conclusions through the process of reasoning. It is theoretically traditionally divided into deduction and induction, a distinction. Deduction is derived from logical conclusions from known premises or assumed to be true. The… Read More »Inference


An infirmary refers to a school’s emergency medical assistance system and provides students with the necessary medical aid they need within the premises of the school if such a need arises. The infirmary is run by the non teaching section of the staff and may… Read More »Infirmary