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Induction Program Meaning

If you are unfamiliar with the induction program meaning and how the induction program works, we will give you an insight into it. The induction program meaning is as follows. Induction programs in schools are meant to give students an introduction to the school they have joined. These are meant to make students comfortable in the new environment and also to get acquainted with the offerings of the organization.

The program gives students about the faculties and day-to-day activities and functioning of the school. They will get to learn about the subjects and courses that the school offers and the culture and ethos of the school. During this program, they will get to meet their new classmates and interact with them. This kind of practice makes the students comfortable and boosts their confidence. Students also get an overview of their responsibilities and what they can expect during the course of their education. 

Some schools or educational institutions also offer the students a tour of the school, so that it will be easier for them to commute from one place to another. This gives the learners an overview of the facilities that the school is providing. They will also be receiving an awareness with regard to the rules and regulations of the school and its governing bodies. 

Workspaces also have induction programs where the new employees get to learn about the vision, mission, value, culture, and ethos of the organization. This also gives the new employees an opportunity to get acquainted with their teammates and understand the working environment and routine. 

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