Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials are any item or element which a tutor uses to deliver the best teaching experience. They can be human or non-human resources like lectures, readings, textbooks, multimedia components, and other resources. Today’s kids have short attention spans, and more learning demands, hence traditional… Read More »Instructional Materials

Information Processing

Information Processing is the way individuals recognize, analyze, manipulate, employ, and memorize the information received. This process is a cognitive development of information gathering and restoring that happens in an ongoing and gradual manner. It does not have any organized manner of information seeking with… Read More »Information Processing

Individualized Instruction

Individualized Instruction is where students’ personal needs are prioritized more than the teachers’ teaching practices. With individualized instruction, everything is focused on students’ abilities. By everything, it means, all teaching practices, including the content studied, the technology of teaching, and the pace of learning. These… Read More »Individualized Instruction

Indirect Instruction

Indirect instruction is a student-centered learning approach where students observe, inquire, and practice to solve their problems. This instruction requires high-order thinking and comprehension skills in students.  Unlike the traditional teaching approach, where the teacher provides direct instruction to the students, in Indirect Instruction, teachers… Read More »Indirect Instruction

Independent Study

Independent Study is a form of education under which a student is expected to research and study a topic independently with little to no supervision is provided by the guardian or teacher. An Independent Study can be on a topic pre-decided by teachers and students… Read More »Independent Study

Inclusion in Education

Inclusion in Education is an education system wherein every student irrespective of their gender, caste, religion, culture, and physical attributes, study together in mainstream schools, colleges, and other similar educational institutions. Under Inclusion in Education, a differently-abled student studies the same curriculum under a common… Read More »Inclusion in Education