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IQAC Full Form

IQAC Full Form 

IQAC Full Form – Internal Quality Assurance Cell

According to National Assessment and Accreditation Council NAAC guidelines, every institution that has been accredited must establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell IQAC as a post-accreditation quality measure. As quality enhancement is a continuous process, IQAC becomes a necessary part of the institution’s system and works towards the realization of the goals of sustenance and quality enhancement. The main task of IQAC is to create a system for conscious, catalytic, and consistent improvement in the performance of institutions. 

The primary goals of IQAC are to develop a system for consistent, catalytic, and conscious action to improve the administrative and academic performance of the institution and promote measures for institutional functioning towards the enhancement of quality through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.

Functions of IQAC

  • Setting benchmarks through consistent work
  • Creating parameters so as to reach academic and non-academic learning goals
  • Creating a teaching-learning environment that is primarily student-centered
  • Help faculty use edTech tools efficiently for innovation in education
  • Using the feedback of students, faculty & parents for the best 
  • Organizing workshops and seminars for a quality education environment
  • Documenting activities in their chronological order and keeping a tab on improvements

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