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Intensive Reading

Readers will read the text in-depth while engaging in intensive reading. They will have goals in mind when they read the book. The reader would be reading carefully and intently in order to comprehend the content in depth. In intensive reading, the reader would be reading to completely understand the text, even if it is a single line, the reader would try to understand it holistically. 

Intensive reading skills play a major role in improving one’s comprehension abilities. The reader will be concentrating on the new vocabulary, grammatical structures, authorial intent, and textual issues. It aids students in comprehending sentence structure and cultivating critical thinking skills. This type of reading helps students to understand complex texts. In order to understand complex texts, the readers would have to read at a slower pace.

For the complete comprehension of the texts, readers indulge in intensive reading. While reading intensively to understand the texts better, the readers can take notes. This is an effective way while learning, as the learners can use these notes for later reference. If the reader is reading the text to grasp the meaning, he/she can jot down the main points for later use. For instance, if the reader wants to read a text and ace an exam associated with it, he/she can make use of these notes for revision purposes. This would save a lot of time for the learner. 

If you are looking for an answer to a question, you will need to read rapidly to locate the passage of the text that has the answer. Then, you will have to read intensively to find the detailed and correct answer to the question. 

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