Intertextuality is the phenomenon of shaping the meaning of a text by another text, either through deliberate compositional strategies like allusion, calque, quotation, plagiarism, translation, parody, or pastiche, or by interconnections between related works perceived by an audience or the reader of the text. These… Read More »Intertextuality

IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati was established in the year 1994 and is the sixth member of the IIT fraternity. The institute provides technical knowledge to students willing to make a career in the technological fields. Moreover, IIT Guwahati promotes research and aids students in their academic and… Read More »IIT Guwahati

IIIT Full Form

IIIT Full Form IIIT full form stands for Indian Institute of Information Technology.  An Indian Institute of Information Technology is a name used to refer to a group of twenty-five interdisciplinary technology-based-engineering research institutions situated in India that are focused on the subject of information… Read More »IIIT Full Form

IIT Bombay PhD

IIT Bombay provides PMRF Fellowship to candidates who want to pursue a PhD. The application for IIT Bombay PhD is accepted round the year; however, it is processed twice a year. Student applications are processed in the months of July and January every year. It… Read More »IIT Bombay PhD

Indian Number System

The Indian number system corresponds to the Western system for the zeroth through fourth powers of ten: one (100), ten (101), one hundred (102), one thousand (103), and ten thousand (104). For higher powers of ten, the names no longer correspond. In the Indian number… Read More »Indian Number System

Information Society

An information society is a type of hypothetical society where the creation, distribution, usage, manipulation, and integration of information is a vital activity in society. The main drivers of an information society are information and communication technologies that have resulted in rapid information growth and… Read More »Information Society

ITT Full Form

Some words or terms have more than one meaning, and one such term is the ITT. It has different full forms but ITT full form depends on the context in which this term is used. One of the full forms of this term is Initial… Read More »ITT Full Form

IF Full Form

IF Full Form IF full form is Impact factor, also known as journal impact factor. It is a scientific index that is used to calculate the main number of citations of articles that are published in the past 2 years after a given journal. The… Read More »IF Full Form

Intellectual Meaning

Intellectual meaning Intellectual meaning is a person engaged in research critical thinking and reflection on the reality of society and proposes solutions for the problems it faces. An intellectual comes from the world of being a creator or mediator and participates in politics either as… Read More »Intellectual Meaning