Every organization wants to reach the moons and stars and to give wings to such aspirations, ISRO was formed. When Indian scientists decided to explore the secrets of space, they established Indian National Committee for Space Research in 1962. The founding members consist of renowned scientists like Vikram Sarabhai. With the help of Dr. Sarabhai, Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station was established in Thiruvananthapuram to study the upper atmospheric research. However, in 1960 ISRO succeeded INCOSPAR. Vikram Sarabai again played a major role and understood the importance of space technology in building a nation. That’s when ISRO played a major role in space exploration and started providing space-based services to Indians. 

Today, ISRO is among the six largest space agencies in the world. Moreover, it has developed various communication and remote sensing satellites over the year. The network of such satellites remain the highest in the world. This fleet of communication satellites establishes a strong communication network for the observation of the planet Earth. The organization is also responsible for development and delivery of application specific satellite products and tools to India. These tools include broadcasts, weather forecasts, navigation, telemedicine, distance education satellites, etc. One of the things that work in favor of ISRO is that the organization is efficient in producing low-cost satellite products. It formed Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle that is a cost-effective and reliable launch system. Because of ISRO, India has progressed on the path of space technology. In addition to performing its responsibilities efficiently, the organization also provides internship opportunities to students.

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