Finals Week

The last few weeks of the academic course is known as finals week. During that period, the students write the last exam of the course in which they are enrolled. Usually, finals week happens to be twice a year; one in mid-December, and another one… Read More »Finals Week

Final Assessment

The activity that is done at the end of the course by a student is known as a Final assessment. Final assessment can be taken in the form of an exam, activity, or both. The task given in the final assessment assesses a students’ knowledge… Read More »Final Assessment


FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Any student who is seeking federal financial aid can apply for this FAFSA application. This FAFSA is a bar to measure the expected family contribution (EFC). Many families and students do not apply for financial aid,… Read More »FAFSA


We can broadly define faculty as the academic or teaching staff in any educational system. Faculty can be also defined as the ability, acquired or natural, to perform any particular type of action like to see, move, hear, think, etc. The other meaning of the… Read More »Faculty

Face to Face Learning

Face to face learning can be defined as teaching a group of students learning material and course content by the instructional method. In this type of learning, there is a live interaction between the instructor and the learner. Also, the students learn from each other.… Read More »Face to Face Learning