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Final Assessment

The activity that is done at the end of the course by a student is known as a Final assessment.

Final assessment can be taken in the form of an exam, activity, or both. The task given in the final assessment assesses a students’ knowledge on a particular subject, or it can be a cumulative assessment of all the subjects. The final assessment is the same as the summative assessment. They both include tests done at the end and standardized testing.

This assessment is to analyze the students’ progress in the course. By the end of this assessment, the students can understand their strengths and weaknesses. The students then work upon their weaknesses in the future. This assessment also helps the instructors understand their own qualities, and where they need to improve while teaching.

Ultimately, this type of assessment is a tool by which students get to know what they have learned, and instructors may know about how they are teaching.

Through this assessment, the instructor can examine the understanding of six different parameters – analysis, knowledge, synthesis, comprehension, evaluation, and application are the parameters.

There are different questions in these six parameters of this assessment like who, what, where, etc. guide to reach a conclusion.

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