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FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Any student who is seeking federal financial aid can apply for this FAFSA application. This FAFSA is a bar to measure the expected family contribution (EFC). Many families and students do not apply for financial aid, thinking that they have enough money to qualify. It does not matter how much any family earns; they might get qualified for any kind of help, school, state, or federal-based aid.

The families who have kids about to go to college, or already in college, should fill this Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. 

By filling the form, you are applying for the scholarship. The chances of you getting this scholarship depend upon the information filled by you in this FAFSA form. 

The aim of filling this form is to know whether you are qualifying for any financial aid or not; and if you are qualified in this form, then how much scholarship money you are eligible to receive. The help you will get after filling this FAFSA form can be need-based or non-need-based aid. 

They ask various questions related to student’s and parent’s assets and income. The other question includes the number of children in the family. Online classes have brought down the expense for education remarkably. The use of digital education infrastructure like lms portal and erp solutions for schools has made a remarkable difference.

According to FAFSA, the amount invested by any family on their child’s education is 5.64% from parents’ assets and 20% from students’ assets.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology