First-Generation Student

A first-generation student is a learner or a student whose parents or legal guardians have not gone to college. The first-generation student is the first in their family to go for a bachelor’s degree for four years in any college or university. 

More often than not, a first-generation learner comes from low-income families. Some colleges provide special consideration for first-gen students and reserve seats for this category of learners. This is to increase the literacy rate and to impart quality education to people hailing from different walks of life.

Many universities support first-gen students in their social, academic, and professional development. These universities run programs for such students. These universities work as a resource for such students and their families. 

These first-generation programs are available all the time for first-generation students. There are different problems that first-generation students face. For example, problems related to finances, as the college fees are continually increasing. Some students manage to pay the first-year fee and then face difficulties to pay the second year fees. With online education on the rise and the availability of e-learning platforms, the expenses for education has come down drastically.

There is a gender bias too. A first-generation female student finds it challenging to manage everything, thus leading to more stress. Because of all this, their academics are being affected. 

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