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Finals Week

The last few weeks of the academic course is known as finals week. During that period, the students write the last exam of the course in which they are enrolled. Usually, finals week happens to be twice a year; one in mid-December, and another one in mid-April. 

These tests are called ‘finals’, and are written by students of the university, college, or school. 

Finals week is also known as a summative assessment, which means exams written by a student at the end of the semester. Since the final exam is the last exam of the final week, students apply all the prior knowledge and information which they have gathered throughout the semester on a specific subject. As there are various disciplines, final week exams differ accordingly. Students are usually tensed and stresses during this period and teachers can help them prepare for exams.

As this is the last exam, students have to study more in their finals exam week. The students appearing in the finals have to study more hours than usual. Students use multiple sources in their last week to gather more knowledge and information to get good grades. 

The exams conducted in the final week is one of the major deciding factors of your final grades. 

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