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Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset is one where people tend to believe that basic qualities, abilities, talent, intelligence, etc. are the fixed traits that cannot be changed. They think that they have a certain amount of it and that’s it. They spend time documenting the skills and talent, rather than developing or enhancing them. They believe that if they are good or bad at something, it is because of their inherent nature.

When students have a fixed attitude, they would be less motivated and they wouldn’t be able to move forward in life. Small failures will bring their spirits down and affect their academic achievement. A fixed mindset also assumes that talent leads to success and not efforts and hard work. If they fail at something, they tend to believe that they won’t be able to do or achieve it. And then, they try to make so many excuses or start rationalizing their failure. For example, if a person with a fixed mindset fails to learn algebra, they will tell themselves, “I cannot do it” or “I cannot learn algebra”. Proper assessment can help individuals to understand whether their mindset is fixed and rigid or growth oriented. Motivation can help in changing this rigidity.

A fixed mindset is just the opposite of a growth mindset, where people have a passion for learning something. They believe that the basic abilities and talent can be developed or enhanced over a while. They are ready for the hard work and dedication. They do not make excuses for the failures and take accountability for them.

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