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We can broadly define faculty as the academic or teaching staff in any educational system. Faculty can be also defined as the ability, acquired or natural, to perform any particular type of action like to see, move, hear, think, etc.

The other meaning of the term is a set of employees, like researchers, professors, teachers, scholars, and lecturers. Their main aim is to give knowledge to all who are interested in learning at university, college, or school. Other words for faculty are skill, aptitude, potential, capacity, etc. 

They are appointed with the motive of imparting knowledge and education to students. 

They have varied academic ranks, like the assistant professor, associate professor, etc., and different faculties have specialization in different fields, and they teach a variety of subjects in a different institution. 

The faculties working in any educational institution have irregular working hours, unlike staff. A faculty is selected by any institution according to the criteria set by that institution. The salary of faculties is decided based on the rank on which he/she is being appointed. There are certain skills and qualities that teaching faculty must possess so that learning is effective and efficient.

The word can be used in sentences, like there was a meeting with faculty and students. 

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