Faculty Recruitment

Faculty Recruitment Faculty Recruitment is a process of appointing teaching candidates in a particular school or college. The main goal of all the schools and colleges is to hire the best faculty possible for giving the best education to the students. These teaching faculties are… Read More »Faculty Recruitment

FBA Full Form

FBA Full Form A lot of people ask for the FBA full form and it is one of the most searched questions on the internet. FBA stands for ‘Functional Behavioral Assessment’. We can say that Functional Behavioral Assessment is a way to find reasons for the… Read More »FBA Full Form


FBA  We can say that FBA-Functional Behavioral Assessment is a way to find reasons for the challenging behavior of some students. People doing FBA have to find out why they are acting this way, then after finding out the reason, they have to inform the… Read More »FBA

Full Form Of CDC

Full Form Of CDC Full form of CDC is -college development council. It is for the purpose of planning and integrated development with a role and extends help to all the affiliated colleges admitted to the privilege of the University. They provide guidance and advice to the… Read More »Full Form Of CDC

Financial Hold

Financial hold represents the overdue balance in the account of the student. It is a restriction imposed by the educational institution when a student fails to pay the fee in full. This includes unpaid tuition fees, fines for parking or unreturned books, outstanding student loan,… Read More »Financial Hold

Feeder School

Feeder school is a school after which most of the students go to a higher level of a specific educational institution. In feeder school, students go for the same course which they have opted in their primary school. The design of a feeder school is… Read More »Feeder School

Future Generation

Today’s school systems are challenged by the fast-paced world with new and complex information found all over the internet. The future generation is the generations of people to come in the future, after the current generations of humans. Technology is an incredible part of our life and connectivity is beyond… Read More »Future Generation

Free Rider Problem

Performing group activities is essential to enhance student’s learning, especially during online learning. However, it results in a free-rider problem – any learner reaping the benefit of other students’ effort without contribution. This issue arises in a group where a single grade is provided for… Read More »Free Rider Problem