Feature Writing

Feature Writing is a critically recognized literary form of writing in journalism. It involves writing featured articles on great personalities, relevant issues, and trending topics. This form of writing is generally longer than a news story and is informative in nature. Feature writing is used… Read More »Feature Writing

Focus Groups

Focus groups is a process of taking interviews involving a group of similar correspondents. These participants can be similar in experiences or demography. These interviews are a part of market research that companies perform before launching a product or service. This kind of group interviews… Read More »Focus Groups

Forensic Science

Forensic science is an interdisciplinary field that includes chemistry, biology, psychology, and other disciplines. However, prospective forensic scientists should consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, forensics, or a similar discipline. The application of scientific methods and processes to situations involving crime or… Read More »Forensic Science

Field Work

Field work, also known as field research or field studies, is the collection of data outside a library, workplace, or laboratory setting. The methods and approaches used in field work may vary from discipline to discipline. For example, biologists who do field research might simply… Read More »Field Work

FAQ Full Form

FAQ Full Form FAQ full form is Frequently Asked Questions. FAQs are listed questions and answers that pertain to a particular topic, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context. These are commonly used where certain common questions appear to recur on email mailing… Read More »FAQ Full Form

Fee Receipt

A fee receipt is a document given to a student or their parent as an acknowledgment of payment of school fees. Students can use this piece of paper to show that they have cleared all the payments and there are no dues. It helps to use… Read More »Fee Receipt


FTII stands for Film and Television Insititute of India. It is India’s first film school and is located in the city of Pune. It is a government-controlled institute and comes under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, and is additionally aided by… Read More »FTII