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Field Trip

A field trip is arranged in schools to make students acquainted with several practical situations. It helps in the holistic development of students. During a field trip, students will be able to experience several things that traditional classrooms cannot offer. It widens the perspective of students and teachers. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for students to build positive relationships with their peers and teachers.

When choosing a place for the field trip, teachers can ensure that the place they are going to visit has some relevance to the curriculum of students. This is vital as it would help students to understand their learning concepts in a wider context. With the help of field trips, students can witness various issues and the characteristics of the society they live in. Moreover, they get exposed to several cultures and ethnicities, which would help them to eliminate stereotypes and prejudices that are instilled in them via various sources. In this manner, students would develop an inclusive mindset and would also learn to respect each and every human being the way they are. 

Also, students would be able to bring about changes in society as they are the ones who are going to rule society, i.e, they are the ones who determine the prospect of our society. Students who study the history of their nation will come to love their own customs and culture and work to protect and cherish them. The students would also cultivate an open mind and let go of their negative notions. This would help them in their personality development

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