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Feedback Form

A feedback form is a form that students can fill out to send feedback to the teacher. It is generally given to students within the classroom and they are asked to fill it in within a certain timeframe so as to not take too much time away from the class. The teacher usually steps out of the classroom after the feedback form has been distributed and collects it later on. On some occasions, the teacher whose feedback form is to be distributed to the class is not the person conducting this exercise. This is to make sure that the students do not get influenced by the teacher in any way, shape, or form and to ensure that there is no bias in the process. 

The feedback form is both a way for teachers to know where they are going wrong in their teaching and for the school principal and related admins to keep track of the comprehensibility and effectiveness of the teacher’s method of instruction. It can also indicate the teacher’s involvement in the class or their overall performance as a mentor – it depends on the questions being asked. The questions for assessing the teacher are often framed by the admins and are generally directed towards the holistic impact of the teacher on the student. 

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