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Frayer Model

Frayer Model can be defined as a graphic organizer that helps students to build their vocabulary. Students can use this model to know the meaning of the words they have listened to, viewed, or read. The Frayer model is used by students before reading to activate the background knowledge. Students facing difficulties knowing the origin, examples, definitions, and characteristics of different words can use this model to get clarity. 

There is an implementation strategy to use the frayer model. It can look like the following:

  • Select a word from a passage. It can be any word of your choice
  • Establish a purpose of the strategy
  • Provide the model to the students and help them explore the meaning and origin of the word. The meaning can be explored by writing the selected word on a sheet of paper. Then write the characteristics and examples of the same word. In addition, write non-examples of the same word. Now, check the meaning of the word from the dictionary. 

The Frayer model can be used by students anytime during their learning process. They can use this before, during, and after study to know the meaning of the new words. The effectiveness of this model can also be measured in various ways. Some of the ways to measure the progress are teacher observation, conferencing, and student journaling. Moreover, this model can also be used as a formative assessment. Understanding and learning the meaning of new terms is vital for students. Moreover, this model also helps teachers in teaching vocabulary

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